Wet and Windy


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the cloud raining on them is simply awesome with that face.


interesting, especially if you sweat in it…rainclouds!


i like the clouds, but otherwise it’s too minimalist for me.


Love the dog’s face. Congratulations to the artist!


seems like the kinda shirt you would like if you lived somewhere that had a lot of rainy weather, like Seattle or something. Here in TN we have been in a drought all year . . .


This is nice. Definitely one of the nicer designs I’ve seen for a heather shirt. I love the clouds (although the raining one kinda looks constipated) L O L The people could have used more depth, but it’s cool.


odd, the guy with the briefcase looks like he’s being blown into the direction of the wind and rain.


Man, thats freaky…

Its all windy where I am today… and night (16mph w/ 26mph gusts)… I can still hear the rustling of the trees outside. And then this shirt comes up.

I’ll pass, but odd coincidence.


it feels a little unmoored, w/out a larger background.
congrats to the artist, but I believe I will sit this one out.

/reminds me of the story of the little girl, and the bet between the sun and the clouds… maybe someone else read that story?


The people look like they came out of a coloring book and aren’t finished or something…

Thanks, but no thanks. I’ll save the $10 for one of the awesome derby winners I’m sure we’ll have at the end of the week!


It’s like they were predicting the weather in So Cal this weekend. Uncanny…


Sad… I was comin to buy the swimming koi after convincing my fiancee that I could afford it but I missed it barely :(. O well, I’m glad to contribute to KLS! Enjoy the 2 bucks :). Also, I think I might have found your inspiration picture… I’ll have to post it later. Have a great night!


For some reason, I like it. But I dont know if I like it enough to wear it.


Such a funny shirt…love the clouds. I wish there were more heather grey shirts…in for one!


If I hadn’t bought last night’s, I’d be all over this sucker!
Love the design, and the colors. Nice job!


i love the amount of quality shirts woot has been putting out lately.


March 2 and it’s 78 and sunny in St. Louis, with wind gusts at about 45 mph . Tonight thunderstorms turning to sleet then turning to snow, which is suppsoed to accumulate to 6" - 10". This shirt addresses almost everything. Cool.


The first thing this reminded me of was the nannies in Mary Poppins being blown away from the Banks’ residence.
The next thing it reminded me of was a hurricane. OUCH!