Wetzel Estate Reserve Pinot Noir (3)

Wetzel Estate Reserve Pinot Noir 3-Pack by Chateau Bianca
$64.99 $126.00 48% off List Price
2007 Wetzel Estate Reserve Pinot Noir, Willamette Valley

Hi Wooters,
Wishing you all happy holidays, especially if you take advantage of this awesome offer.
This is classic Oregon from a classic vintage.
Great acid backbone on this wine make it a perfect match for food.
I’ll check in during the week should you have any questions.
Winemaker-Wetzel Estate wines

Don’t think in all wine woot days have I seen one bottle sold after 18 hours. I have hard time ponying up $50/bottle at a restaurant. May have gone for 30.

? This is <$22 a bottle delivered before tax.

Tempted. '07 a vintage that didn’t get a lot of love but plenty of good wines.

Also very tempted, but we’ve spent waaaaay too much money on wine lately.

Have you drank a bottle of this lately? How is it doing? How much life is left?

In for a single. Love their regular Pinot as an easy drinker - its a great qpr when its on sale on Woot. Their Pinot Gris is also outstandig, FWIW.

I like em young.

I’d like to know this also.

Yes, this wine is still showing great life to the cooler growing season of that vintage. The balanced pH and TA really are keeping the wine bright and fresh. I would say the wine still has 5-7 years of life.