Whack Woots


For the past 2 weeks I have been reading posts about how bad the items were and I was wondering what is it about an item that makes people post “This Sucks”?


I don’t think anyone around here (Everything but Woot) does that. I would imagine it’s mainly juveniles that feel since the Woot isn’t something they particularly want, that they have to make some kind of comment. The same people that say a Woot is too cheap and/or too expensive.


woot is w00t!


some people suffer from social anxiety… they feel a need to constantly talk about things they know absolutely nothing about… I think I’ll stop now…


I believe what you’re saying is that there are those amongst us who slept at a Holiday Inn last night, every night, and therefore have the confidence to know that our opinion is correct even when (and this is implied; or rather I inferred it from your post) it is not correct. There may well be among us experts who do know about the thing in question, and if there are, then I say “Answer the poor sap” whoever it might be. heh.


I woke up in a Holidy Inn dumpster last night…well, every night. Does that count?


hmmmm… do you get frequent flyer points?


You have a dumpster with wireless hookup? Not bad.


Home drug test=Crappy woot


Nope, I think you’re supposed to pee in it; not crap.




no, I’m pretty sure you aren’t supposed to drop your ass in there, either.