Wham-O Soft Catch Frisbee Disc – 3 Pack




These things are awesome. They make excellent dinner plates, fruit dishes, improvised banana knives, hats, wall hangings, and keg-sized coasters.


Call me slow, but I don’t get why everyone’s in for three. I mean… nine frisbees? What’re you going to do with them?


These are great to send in care packages for troops overseas. I got three!


buzz ur girlfriend woff!


Does it have that indent in the middle of it, so that I can spin it on my finger easily?


Finally…been waiting for these!


lol no these are trash in pdga standards im sure

im in for 2(x3=6 for 13?) for picnics and crap; fingered whynot

will be great for outdoors this spring/summer
woods + frisbee + bass = win


mine threatened to cr*p on the rug if I didn’t go in for 3!


lol, I believe they may be in the 100g class.


what a great product… a bargain at any price


I tried, but I think your mother’s busy… ZING!!


yawn… yawn… yawn… ( a more exciting 3 pack )


Some really terrible items this woot off, where are the Razer Keyboards!!!


woot you would sell me so much more crap if you would adjust shipping down a little bit for piddly crap like this…


Time for the bunk of carp!


i have to get some kids


look what you did you little jerk


Why do people keep buying these things? Dog chew toys? Frisbies aren’t supposed to be soft catch! They’re supposed to bean you in the forehead and knock you off your feet if you’re not paying attention. Oh, wait…that was when I was a kid. Back before helicopter mommies and the nanny state. Back when we were so tough we actually fell off our bikes and got back on them. Back when we used to play with BB guns and nobody’s parents bothered to watch.

Ah, childhood…


What can’t you do with 9 Frisbees…