What are we watching on TV tonight???

anyone recommend anything to watch on TV tonight?

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I watched The Rookie last week and they’re repeating this week. I did like it and will continue to give it a go. Plus Nathan Fillion.

Tonight for me will be Bull. Love that show.


Is this new? The Rookie?
Wish I had started watching Bull from the start…
I recorded 9-1-1 …have not see it yet but I do like Angela Bassett…
Have been watching Jonestown doc…40th Anniversary (WHAAAAAAAT?) Interviews with sons.
Will have to watch again. Not really paying attention.

I’ve been watching Manifest. I’m really enjoying it. Tonight is episode 5 of season 1, and it’s good.


Yes, The Rookie is new on ABC. It’s worth a try. Only one episode so far. You can probably find it on ABC to watch.

I need a brainless show to watch when I work from home. So far I’ve binged Big Bang Theory, Frasier, and Cheers. Now I’ve started Monk.


The Rookie was good (if implausible) and Nathan was great. Actually the entire cast is good. New shows I’m watching are God Friended Me and Magnum PI (which is on tonight).

Also on tonight is DC Legends of Tomorrow which is a truly funny show. Hopefully the link below works.


I’ve been watching Magnum but I haven’t made up my mind about it yet. :confused:

Haven’t watched DC Legends. Sounds like I’d have a few seasons of catching up to do on that one.

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We.ve been watching it also.

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@ThunderThighs love me some Monk!

Point of order though, shouldn’t this topic be in EBW rather that Shenanigans? Or does it really matter?

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You are correct, sir. And so it is moved.

I love this forum stuff.


The first season of Legends was kind of bad, but the show got better and better each season. Season 3 is the best yet by far. It makes you laugh for so many absurd reasons. Very enjoyable.

Magnum PI is worth watching for Jay Hernandez alone. :heart_eyes:

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Can I start with season 3 then on Legends?

That’s how I feel about Nathan Fillion. LOL

A Season 3 start would be fine. It’s much better than the first two. Which will be more tolerable after seeing 3. My 2¢. :slight_smile:

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Well, I watched The Rookie last night. It’s a little unbelievable, but then, we watch TV to be entertained yes?

I like The Rookie too!

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yeah…I posted that new topic in the wrong place…TY TT!!!

Youre Welcome

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Tonight is the start of Midnight, Texas season 2. :grin:

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