What are you binge watching?


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Yeah, this Safari Joe guy might be worth investigating. We have a water park on the county fairgrounds that has had a shady past. There was allegations of one of our county commissioners doing some fancy/funny bookkeeping in collusion with the old owners.

So I guess it went bankrupt or whatever, then Safari Joe stepped in to take it over but he had some sketchy past issues and allegations too. Big cat people be weird I guess.

Eskimo Joes started out as a notorious college town bar back when the beer drinking age was 18. Lots of HUGE street parties and such. But now they’re respectable and sell clothing and other stuff in mall stores and mail order all over. I think they might still have some bar restaurants.

I don’t know anything about Oklahoma Joe, but he’s got good food I hear. He just looks guilty tho, right?

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He looks shady as heck.

I think I’m recovering from TK, but I really need more. Grey Gardens isn’t weird enough.

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Little House on the Prairie

Got through Warehouse 13 and Eureka… now working my way through Enterprise. After that? Who knows…