What are you doing with your latest set of three hard drives?


I will always buy the hard drives. I’ll probably buy them even after they cease to be a deal and it’s getting close. Me loves them.

So for this latest go round, I’m going to put them in a computer I’m upgrading. I’m going to take a dual core intel chip to 4.05 GHz. I’m going to boot off a raptor drive and use my woot drives for 750 GB of heaven.

What are you doing with yours?


Wow, sounds awesome!

Well, I don’t mean to boast, but I don’t have a wobbly kitchen table anymore!


Why do you have a kitchen table in your basement?

Edit: ah, i forgot ace locks you down there


m. wiseman is in Ace’s basement? Does Acedad know this? I didn’t know that. I thought he was in his mom’s basement.


Wait, I thought the Ace wa suposed to be his mom, I get confused.


Ah, poof, I dwell in every mom’s basement.


(now let’s give back Thread’s…er…Thaed’s…uh…thready thing.)


Well, while you’re down there, would you sweep some of the spiderwebs out, please.






SO…what are you people doing with your refurbished 250GB hard drives?!



I stuff them in tailpipes of cars


I store the days news on them and throw them at windows


Sweet. Did you grow up down the street from me?


Well then get your a$$ back down there. You and you friends made a huge mess last night!


the world may never know


Hmmm. Look out for brown’s dog, hard drive boy.


I also like to paint faces on them and throw myself a little tea party


or play Barbie with them.


Thaed is sort of new. We really should give him back his thread.



Whoa, baby! Were you throwing underwear or pizza rolls?