What are you favorite or most useful item from a BoC?

I love BoCs, simply because of the mystery and thrill of the hunt. But what items do i use, or really enjoy, or just use regularly?

Personally, i lucked out once and got the big box. In that box were many things, and of those many things was a big blue towel. That is now the towel i use all the time, it hangs on my closet door and reminds me of woot while i dry my hands.

What useful item did you get?

The most useful thing I’ve gotten would have to be the bags themselves. In most of the recent ones, there’s a woot! shopping bag and I got one or two non-woot bags earlier. They get used every week for grocery shopping.

Also, my most recent Bag of Crap (April 2019) had a pair of freezable glasses that I’ve been using regularly for iced tea & coffee.

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Favorite thing has got to be the 1800 TC sheets I got. They’re so incredibly soft. Ohh and the big stuffed monkey in pittsburg penguin colors.

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My car trash can is from crap. I use it every day.

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My Pop Socket! It was a Minnesota Vikings licensed one, but I covered it in Washi tape and Mod Podge and now it’s my favorite thing. Also all of the toys become niece/nephew gifts so I can be the favorite aunt.:wink: