What bii your Mii?


To all the PWAs, Misfits, RATs, and anyone else who wants to join in:

For those who may not know… Nintendo’s new Wii game system includes a feature called the Mii Channel in which you create avatars called Miis (singular Mii) that are then used in games like Wii Sports. Miis also make great avatar portraits for Woot and/or other message boards. Anyway, you don’t have to own a Wii to create your own Mii. Using the MiiEditor.com website <note: requires flash> anyone can make a Mii to share with others.

After using the Mii creator to make your Mii, there are two easy ways to share your Mii with everyone else. One way is to copy and link to the “Mii URL” at the bottom of the editor. For example: Link to Mii
The other way is to click the File button button in the editor, Export your Mii portrait to a .jpg image, and host the image on imageshack or photobucket, etc.

Miis are a great way to share a little bit about yourself without giving away so much detail that KT can track you down and leave a surprise on your doorstep.

So… what be your Mii?


Or better yet… how do you picture other wooters? I always find it interesting how I get a mental image of someone from the way that they type, and then later find out that they look absolutely nothing like I thought.

My impressions of a few wooters (that I’ve not seen pictures of before):




I was going to make my mii, then it required that I upgrade to flash 9… and everything got f-ed up after that.


Was that with IE or Firefox? My computer is rather dated, so flashplayer 9 refuses to install in the firefox fersion I’m running, but seems to work fine with IE6.


IE is evil!!!


This is zea3!
This is as close as it gets! Not real close to my hair.


Firefox, I’ll have to try IE7.


Hahaha, KT is Asian.


Not asian. Just squinting with determination at the bathroom tile grout…


I can’t get the Mii to have my hair either. I made one; I’ll try to remember to post it tonight.


This is not unlike the Mii I’ve made for myself on a real Wii…



Me Mii


Me Bug



My Mii:


I went ahead and gave myself short hair since I’m getting it chopped Thursday. For the next two days, I still have long, straight hair.


I like your bug! :slight_smile:


Interesting to see how your computer-made Mii compares to the one you sent from your Wii… Hopefully someday soon the Miieditor flash program will be updated to show all the features in 3D like the Wii does. (P.S. I blanked out the name and birthday info for you)


They need to add some red hair color to the program for the computer generator and the console version.


That was the very first Mii I ever made. I’m better at it now. My actual hair color is somewhere in between the 2 browns and my eyes are blue/green. I should probably update my Wii Mii once I see what my stylist does with my hair… and I really need to adjust my nose and mouth.