What Designers Do All Day, In Two Minutes Or Less


Something more relevant to shirt.woot.com would be kaseyfleming’s time lapse video that was posted on this derby submission. If anyone has wondered what work goes into a quality submission you should watch this!


I find it kind of humorus that you linked a video of somebody editing clip art and other people’s work to making a product they’ll get paid for… Especially when you’ve had to cut shirts and go to randoms because artists did essentially the same thing.

[link=http://shirt.woot.com/Friends.aspx?k=10034]Fashonista[/link] for example.

Work more on classics!


The kaseyfleming time-lapse video is fabulous, thank you for posting it!

I agree. Thanks Kasey. Very enjoyable.

Boy, the masking quality was poorly done. Should have been flawlessly antialiased along the edge instead of having to erase around the edges at the end. It’s like they didn’t really understand how to properly mask and acquire the woman with the parasol.

thanks, great time-lapse! It was cool to see the process in photoshop…I normally do woot work in illustrator.

As for the book cover, it was a nice example of day-to-day work. A bit messy removing the green edge cast as Josephus mentioned, but still fun to watch.

That is not what “designers” do all day. The “people who download Photoshop” are the ones who download clip art, make digital collages, and sell it.

Pencil-to-paper should be the first step of any professional designer.

It’s missing the part where the client goes “could you maybe change [the only thing you actually like about the project]”, and then eating your own weight in Sun Chips out of self-pity.

Hey now, plenty of people do pen-to-tablet. And, depending on the project, drawing need not be done at all! For example, you don’t need to draw to design a web interface. :slight_smile:

It is only fitting that Woot would not only boil the entire design world down to one video, but choose a video which showed the weakest, least creative aspects of purely commercial designing.

Way to go, woot. Always standing up for your creatives!

Very cool!

Vendor-client relationship in real world situations!

Man I love Sun Chips. Mmmmmmmm.

I love Sun Chips so much that I double posted about it. Thanks for making me lose my concentration. Now it’s time to think of various flavors of Cheez-its.

Holy copyright infringement, Batman!

Ha! So very true!

If you have a Facebook account, you should become a fan of Sun Chips. They have giveaways for coupons for free bags of Sun Chips sometimes. :slight_smile:

Hmm yes, the video was also missing the second thing designers do all day: procrastinate on-line!

And in the spirit of procrastination, here’s some ‘making-of’ time-lapse vids that show actual tee illustration and not just shooping.