What determines if a design continues to be sold after the original sale?

Just trying to crack the code…

My first editor’s choice sale design showed up in my “catalog” shortly after the editors choice sale was over, and remains available for sale.

My second place derby winner was added to my catalog immediately and remains available for purchase.

The other selected-for-print designs have come and gone, and I’m trying to figure out the formula that determines which shirts stick around, and which fall by the wayside…

Sold Out:

Sold Out:

Sold Out:

A couple of these only sold a handful of shirts in total, so I understand dropping those designs, but one of them outsold my first catalog design in the first couple of days, so I can’t figure out the pattern here.

If anyone can fill me in on how this works, it would be appreciated!

The short story is that those side-sale designs have not yet been entered into the master catalog. That’s a manual process and sometimes the staff falls behind getting them in after the sale.

Hopefully staff will see this – a few of mine are in the same situation, but a 2-3 week wait is usually par for the course.

So all shirts that get printed through the Editor’s Choice go to the catalog? Just wondering because one of mine disappeared and hasn’t been added and that was more than 2-3 weeks ago, I think. I could be wrong, though.

Thanks for the note, Taipan. acraigl is correct that it is a manual process to get them added to the catalog. I moved the designs in question to the catalog so they should show up momentarily.

Any others that are outstanding for other artists from past events will be moved to the catalog before this week closes.

Going forward, expect them to be available no more than 7 calendar days after the event closes.

Keep the art coming and let us know if you have questions!

I’ve got you beat. I have one 5 weeks and counting.

Which one?

Which one(s)?

Flowchart of Life:Exercise is the 5-weeker.

Thank you! I just sent a note.

Update: It’s there! Or so I’m told!

Thank you!

The one I’m thinking of is “I Woke Up!”

These two shirts have not hit my catalog and do not show up searching “all designs.” Designs that printed after them have.


Sorry about that. I’ve asked the team.

UPDATE: And added.

Thanks! I see Formula for Disaster, but not SPoOKY.

hello, jupilberry. sorry about the miss, I have moved SPoOKY to the catalog.

Yay! Thanks. My catalog is now complete.