What did you learn today?


there’s that saying that goes something like
“learn something new everyday”
ok so tell me what you learned today.


Old people have birds as pets because they are noisy to fill the void of no children in the house.


that pepper really is a bad dog


i could be so much worse rly


oh and i learned that my puntuation is in now way consistant.


You really shouldn’t iron while naked.


Ouch…but you should have know that by your age!


That Mac has an awesome built in program to allow me to continue running XP & I did not have to go to Vista…


True, although, the starch was beneficial.


i need a mind wipe now tysvm



I can’t think of one non probatable thing to say.


Aw, wield your power, woman!


You started it! I’ll just think all of my replies!


i am learning it’s harder than i thought to be pg13.


Heck 13 is HS. Those kids are nasty!
They could say all the things we are thinking.

Then again…when the Staten Island little league got in trouble for saying the F word durning the little league world series, nobody here even noticed. The rest of the country thought it was awful!

Then again the rest of the country could just be the parent that doesn’t know what their kid is doing.


Or the rest of the country could be the parent that does know what their kid is doing.


You don’t care what wiseman was starching?


What’s that got to do with the little leaguers using the F word?


They were 8th graders. They use the word. Often.


But they know enough not to use it in front of adults. And, again, what’s that got to do with mwiseman starching a portion of his anatomy?