What do I buy for the free tumbler today?

I missed what the notification said beyond free tumbler. Someone help a girl out please!


I missed it to! I hope someone can tell us!

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Me 3. I wish the message wouldn’t disappear when I click on it.

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@LauraMc @Wooter725072647 @Wooter493511133
2 shirts!

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Just found it. Gotta buy 2 t-shirts.


I thought clicking the notification would take me to a page with more details. Nope, I too should have expanded the notification before clicking.

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I’m in the same boat. I didn’t need to buy anything even, I just wanted a free tumbler and would have found something to guy to get it.

@flinxomada @jakelannert

I’m confused. It says free shipping but then is charging me 6$ for the tumbler…hmmmmm

Make sure you’re logged in with prime and if there’s a place asking you to verify your address or card on file, check that, then it’ll refresh and the charge should go away.

(Please Note: I’m not employed by Woot, but I volunteer to help in the forums.)

It’s saying free shipping at the top, in the details, but it’s still listing 6$ for the tumbler. I’m trying g to figure out how to share a screenshot.

@Wooter968689024 Do you mean there under 'Shipping"?

Are you buying through the Woot! app?

  1. Add 2 eligible apparel items to your cart and an eligible tumbler and get your nifty container FOR FREE . Apparel includes t-shirts, long-sleeve tees, sweatshirts, hoodies, tank tops, zip hoodies, raglans, and women’s v-necks from Shirt .

I see it, I think. But if you look at your totals you’ll see you’re not being charged for shipping. Shirts ship faster with prime but the tumbler will ship standard speed.

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I should have too! I do it with all the other notifications I get. Its seriously a pet peeve of mine that I have to do it. Just take me to the point of the notification.