What do you think of movie remakes?

What do you think of movie remakes?

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I think that the majority of the remakes show that Hollywood is out of fresh ideas and are counting on us to give up our hard earned dollars to keep them in their luxurious lifestyle.

There are a few exceptions where I think the remake was better, but for the most part I shake my head and mutter something about not having original ideas and don’t waste the time to watch the remake.

I think it’s sad that we’re out of original ideas for movies. Especially when there are thousands of screen plays laying in piles somewhere in Hollywood waiting to be considered but ignored in favor of remaking someone else’s work.

Did I miss anything?


Remakes are not new, how many version of “a star is born” will there be before I die?
The problem is the frequency and if they have anything to add.
Most of them play on nostalgia and feel like a quick money grab.
If the original was light-hearted, the remake can be fun. I didn’t have any issue with the remake of “overboard” thought it was fun.
The remake of Ghostbusters, however was just sad.
What is the difference? One was plot driven and the other was personality driven.
Like the original, ghostbusters was a vehicle to showcase a few SNL stars; but they didn’t really add anything to the mix.
It would have been better if they were connected to the original in some way and it was a continuation of the story, instead of a “re-imagining”
The new Mary Poppins was dreadful, there didn’t need to be another.
Even though they tried to continue the story, it just did not have the same feel as the original… and that, right there is the other problem. A movie often works because of the time and place of the original. If Star Wars would have came out 10 years later, it would not have had the same reception… in the middle of a pile of other sci-fi movies.
Stranger Things and Super 8 used the nostalgia of 80’s movies without being a remake and yet capturing some of the feel…
I would rather see sequels set in the same universe as the original, but have their own story without riding on the name of the first… If the movie could be strong enough to succeed without any connection to the original, then proceed…
I think remakes and sequels get the criticism they deserve.

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