what do you think of pirate of caribbean 2?

I just saw it today…and it’s really good!

I can’t wait for the next one to come out.

My 19 year old son, who loved the first one, said it was too long.

it wasn’t mind-boggling by any means, but it was entertaining… it was well done.

but they did reuse a few jokes from the first one, and i generally don’t like when sequels do that

you have to link the movies some how

I saw it last night at 1045

It was really good. The next one should be good too.

Keira Knightley is HOT!

its only 7 minutes longer than the first one.

Two and a half hours isn’t THAT long.

OK, then what he meant was, the movie was too long for what was in it!
Are you telling me you never went to a movie that you thought would have been better if it was shorter?
He really liked the first one. He thought this one was just OK, but he is still looking forward to the next one.
Is that what you went to see last night?
Did you like it?

Oh, you answered all this, nevermind!

I am trying to find time to see it, and am anticipating it, loved the first one.
If u really want to see the breadth of johnny depp’s acting ability watch edward sccisorhand back to back with potc(also enjoy a fairly good movie)

LMAO, I just noticed intaglio’s sig line!!!