What Do You Use To Design Woot Shirts

I’m a nub and a lurker and I’m sort of considering maybe working on some designs. I was just wondering what software most people use to create their designs. I’m assuming photoshop and stuff, but I seem to have this idea that there’s some sort of specific way to design shirts and my petty photoshop skillz won’t be enough. Anyhow, just curious. I apologize for the very possible stupidity of the question… =P

there are no stupid questions, only stupid answers. or something like that.

anyhoo, i don’t know if there’s a standard. some people draw on paper, scan and upload into photoshop or illustrator, cleanup and submit. others draw directly in whatever software using mouse, tablet, or other pointing device. the only thing i would advise you to avoid, since you already have photoshop skilz, is straight copying of copyrighted images.

edit: forgot to mention: i don’t know if you’ve already posted in “world of woot shirts,” rather than “everything but boot,” but if not, i suggest you do so. there are many more shirt designers who read and reply to design-related posts there.

Oh hey thanks for responding! Yeah, I’m having a little trouble navigating the forums here on woot(I also haven’t tried very super hard). I’ll go ahead and ask in world of woot, see if anyone else has any input.

Thanks again!