What do you want for christmas?

I want money for christmas enough to make it every month on my bills!

I want you to never post on this site again. Think it will happen?

Manny people have asked why dheminger got probation. Because woot deletes the offending evidence (Threads or posts) it is often hard to tell why someone got probation. This causes confusion, and may lead to people thinking that innocent posts will be punished. In order to clarify it would be nice if woot either listed the offenses or made a comment about the users behavior.

Why did dhemiger get probation you ask?

dheminger engaged in scamming and self promotion, and after he was done with his first probation for these activities, he immediately resumed doing the same thing he was just put on probation for. Because of this, he received 5 days of probation.

Well, at least not for another 119 hours.

I think I will have what he’s having…

What did he do to get Probation?

He was posting photos of his mom chiking him out with a strap-on

I am changing my mind.

Can I please have -


Thank you, Santa.

Boys, cut the crap!
Play nice. The guy is gone anyway.
(I’m talking to you Fen and Zilla)

P.S. No need to gift wrap…

Think it is too late to put him on my American Express Wish List?

What’s wrong with his hair?

Absolutely nothing. :slight_smile:

Robert should put a comb and brush on his wish list.


Mebbe some shampoo and Noxzema, too.

And a stint in rehab. And a guest appearance on “What Not to Wear”.

Perhaps “Extreme Makeover”

That might be enough to re-do his image.

Reasons for probation (as far as I know) are now listed in post two.

What are you talking about? That guy you hate? Where is it?

Shouldn’t you be studying for your two (one) test (tests)?
But since you aren’t studying…answer my question.