What does dave bug mean?


does he mean not another pwa or another conversation like what was going on?


I believe he meant conversations cataloging personal info . . .


The conversation.

Sorry, cruzer…you’ll need to create another PWA.


Cruzer, where will you be on Friday?


ah, If that’s true, he(they) should delete the thread now, I’m willing to bet no one would object.

any names come to mind for the a new pwa?


Depends on the time of day, anywhere from Austin to Central City/Blackhawk


You mean you haven’t saved the myriad suggestions we’ve given in the past?!?!? Why, I’m aghast, agape, and agog!! That’s right! AGOG!!!


“PWA: Not Cataloging Personal Info”


Are you gonna be on-line at any time to receive shout outs?


oooh, ok I got the name



and maybe some time between lunch and gambling


PWA: Free knicker bunching and panty wadding service


I know, we can call it “PWO”, for Post Whores Onymous. That way we can divulge personal information about ourselves and not worry about it because we are no longer anonymous.


You must be a lawyer!! <chuckle>


I see no need for personal attacks, G.


I apologize . . . that was, indeed, slanderous . . . yer not gonna sue me, are ya?


Great! I usually have to pay for that!


“PWA: OK, OK, this time we really mean it about that Anonymous thing… Sheesh.”


LMAO, gwp!!!
I agree!