What does pblgov's screen name mean?

He said it isn’t Public government , and he won’t tell me what it means.
So…we need to guess.

BTW, lets get at least a few guesses before we totally trash this thread.

OK, I’ll be reasonable…One on topic post before it sinks into oblivion.

Oh, what the heck…just post anything.

it has a meaning. if you figure it out I’ll tell you.
you (dname) on the other hand are so afraid of admitting to yourself (let alone others) your true inner self that you don’t want a name - you’re too afraid of opening up.


last post

PuBLisher GOVernment

3rd post

PortaBLe Gas Operated Virgin

pbl are you a virgin, fess up.

my kids were all born thru immaculate conception

I isn’t publish government?


a lesson in, forget it,
sweet mercy, I am gonna have a headache later.

Picking Buggers Live?

Then it has to be:
Pablum governs.



ha but no

Pustulent Bulbous Lesions?

Edit: spelling corrected

yeh right… none of those are real words…

They may be spelled wrong, but they are real words!

PuBerty Lost Going On Vacation

ok … either way it’s not it


Pickled Beige Loveseat