What does Woot mean by "They tend to run smaller than the typical shirts" ?

Chest width is most important to me, and about 20-20.5 inches across is ideal for me, but what exactly does Woot mean when they say the shirts are a bit smaller than one might expect? Should I get a Large if I want basically a 20" width chest? I’m confused. I’m just afraid I’ll be expecting 20" and get like 19" by the time the shirt is taken out of the dryer or something. Although I can air dry if need be.

Any input?

These are American Apparel shirts. AA shirts have the classic closer-fit style. If you put them in the dryer, there will also be a bit of shrinkage. It’s generally recommended that you order a size larger than you would for a non-AA shirt (e.g. off the rack in a store).

At the bottom of the Shirt main page, there’s a link to the sizing chart with all the measurements.

Hope this helps.

So then if I want a Medium-like fit (give or take 20.5 inch chest width), then once a Large woot shirt comes out of the dryer (which on the sizing chart reads as 22" chest width) it should be about right?