What does YOUR name mean?

Gender: Male
Meaning: Gift from God
Origin: Hebrew

Just looking mine up. Checked three sites and came up with an origin of French, English, German. I don’t think anyone’s too sure.

Origin: Latin
Meaning: Follower of Christ
Used in: English speaking countries

Mine comes from Linear B. It means “Vengeful Panda of the Gods.”

Just found a site that says it’s French and means “beloved.” If you look long enough…

if i was a chef i would name a dish this.

Lol, panda of the gods? What is the actual name if you don’t mind saying?

payer of taxes

Gender: Female

Origin: French/English (seen both)
Meaning: From the white meadow, Darling, or Dear One

I’ve also seen:
Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: Beloved

Same thing it meant in the first what does your name mean thread.

That was woot username, wasn’t it? I assume he means given name here.

gender: female
meaning: Jewish woman, or Praised by God
origin: Hebrew
(Derivative of Judith)

oh; in that case

gender: male
meaning: friend of horses
origin: Greek Philippos

That’s a big name in our family.

Gender: Male or female
Meaning: can’t think of anything original to name my kid

Weird, I assumed you where a girl.

Gender: Female (can be male) – the name, not me.
Meaning: dark challenger or offspring of the challenger
Origin: Irish, Gaelic, Old French

Gender: neither
Meaning: Without god
Origin: My buttox

Mine is hebrew and means “loves bacon.”

i thought it meant “loves bacon salt.” my bad.

You have to add a chhh (phlemgy sound) to get that meaning.