What does your screenname mean?

Only the greatest supervillian/misunderstood charater of all time! duh!

You’re Dr. Doom?!?

hahaha! no way top row!

It means I have a wooden leg. See sig for further details you slightly impaired folks.

I think I have more mystery in how my screen name is pronounced than in what it means. People seem to think it is pronounced “Zee 3” when it is “Zee-uh 3”. (two sylables, no accent!)

A man from Arizona who’s last name starts with G.

I’ve always read it as Zee-uh. And since, to my knowledge, you are the only zea here, I drop the 3.

Ahhh! I was wondering why your parents gave you Zeus as a middle name!

You do know that they have some very good prosthetic legs available these days! Good lightweight titanium and aluminum with dynamic knee and ankle joints. You don’t have to be shackled with an overgrown toothpick anymore!

Tahnks for clearing that up. But what does it mean?

A proofreader, but one of my client’s three year old couldn’t pronounce it. Thus pooflady.

I know!
But I won’t tell you.

1st initials of my 3 kids’ names.

EDIT: oops! forgot about the filters 1**st initials.

Okay I’ll bite:
Simple Answer == Callista Jedi Knight

. . . some others are gonna have get some good stories posting if you want the whole story!

My previous alias :wink:

I thought that most people would read it correctly, the way you do, but when I got two sigs made for me in dodgeball a few contests back, they both look like people are reading it as “zee”. I tend to drop extra stuff from peoples names, too much for me to remember! I couldn’t tell you what numbers come after "daj’ if you held a gun to my head!

Me too!



She has #'s?


hides behind Gman before getting smacked
i am just kiddi…
remembers she is on vacation and proceeds to strut about