What does your user name mean??

Unless it is obvious, I was just wondering where some of you came up with your user name. For instance: Andy47240 is from my name and my zip code. Yes, that one is not a good story, but some user names are pretty unique sounding like as examples…
Skek Tek

By the way I mistakenly posted this in “World of Woot Shirt”, but I thought I was in “Everything but woot”. Sorry.

i used to talk very heavily with Ebonics.
and whenever anyone called for me, i would say Yo… still do, but ive lost most of the other slang and enunciation long ago.

Sailor = from my favorite anime, Sailor Moon
Butterfly = I like butterflies

Nothing too special about it. hehe

I’ll explain as soon as I finish my dinner.

Moved to EBW for ya.

I was given the nickname worm as a kid and I’m 6’5".

Ill bet you wish they nicknamed you Poor.

I don’t think mine requires explanation. :slight_smile:

But if you disagree, I’m 5’3. And I’m awesome. ^_~

O.MG you’re a foot and four inches taller than I am…that’s crazy!!!

As for my name: Pember = Dr. Katz reference wherein Ben, Dr. Katz’s loser son, launches into a lofty rambling about how lovely it would be to have a bulldog with a derby hat and name him Mr. Pemberton (although I am a female). Please, somebody tell me you used to watch Dr. Katz.
Ducky = I apparently was not so good at moving my arms when walking. I think I’ve got it down to an art now!

The name was bestowed upon me by a dear, dear friend about ten years ago and continues to suit me well, I’d say.

Both a reference to my parenting style and a homage to my favorite barbarian leader.

Here’s the origin of SkekTek:


He’s the scientist Skeksis from The Dark Crystal. And I’m a scientist (biologist) in the real world. So it fit- my favorite movie and my career.

Here’s a blurb about him

Schrute Bobblehead
Schrute =as in Dwight Schrute from the Office
Bobblehead=as in Dwight has a bobblehad that looks like him.

I named a fantasy basketball team the Schrute Bobbleheads, and when I started needing a screenname I combined the two.

Funny, I’ve never noticed the “H” in there… I read it as scrobblehead…

sounds weird like that. Not that it otherwise sounds great.

Best prank ever for the show, just above the Future Dwight

Maybe but I didn’t get the reference anyway so it’s not like it changes anything for me. ^_~

waacodemon is mine

i misstyped it, l.ol
was supposed to be Wacco Demon
I played a online game, called ogame.
name there was Demon Hunter
the alliance i made there was Waac- We are all Crazy, and we would commonly refer to ourselves as Wacco’s!
hence, waacodemon, but outside of ogame, i like to use waccodemon. l.ol looks better, and i dont play that game anymore btw. used to, and liked the name Demon Hunter (Great band btw)

I don’t think anyone got the reference, but it wasn’t really meant to be obvious that way. I also liked having a name that sounds like a unique name. I could have been Wampa-One, but no-one would have got that reference either.

Mine’s enough for me. I’m small and like cute things. The name sounds cute. Therefore it’s a win. :slight_smile:

PS - and the Y is to avoid comparisons with the soda.