What Dreams Are Made Of


*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race

This is the link you click to buy this shirt after February 1st

Meh… maybe someone had hit the nail last shirt by stating it might be time for shirtboy.woot and shirtgirl.woot. It’s a nifty design but as a male, there’s no way in Hades would I wear it.

that does NOT look like the Maltese Falcon

Nice job Alvin. Very much on theme… and I like the color combo. Congrats.

gonna wait for other replys… could it be kinda girly? then again i dont think its possible to have too many black shirts.

My wife is going to flip out when this arrives in the mail. No one tell her I ordered it!

Killer shirt.

in for 1, love it

Congrats, Alvin!
(Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.)

i love the look of the shirt!! it is kinda girly but still amazing.

Eh too feminine.

Great writeup though. :slight_smile:

Kind of like one of those Van Haggar (not Van Halen) songs

Oh heh… just noticed. They poke fun at the Phillipine/Filipino thing in the description.

Congrats, Alvin!

Thats 2 in a row for Fraekness…

not bad for the ladies in the house

i like the black shirt, though…

it is kinda girly, but also kinda not. i know this sound funny but the 10 (soon to be 11 but received a wrong size) woot shirts that i own i wear them 80% of the time to the gym. i dunno if i could wear this to the gym without having someone throw a 200lb dumbell at my face.

Its cool, a little girly with the unicorn horse. But still a good design

Real men wear girly shirts. In for one.


what a truly enlightening derby this was. I do believe we’ve unlocked the key to shirt woot voters.