What Dreams Are Made Of

Love this design!
dunno why, i usually dont
I would be in for one, but need to save money for a bike wheel :frowning:

Fairly nonsubtle positioning of the unicorn’s horn… sheesh…
This is #1 - who the heck is voting on these?

Congrats Alvin! In for 1, can’t wait to wear it! :wink:

It’s nice artwork. I’m a bit worried about the distance between the upper left and lower right, but hey. I need another dark shirt, and I’m comfortable in my virility enough to wear it. I’m sure the girls will think it’s sensitive, too.

I absolutely love this shirt!!
I’ve been waiting awhile for a good shirt to come to woot… FINALLY!
In for 1 :]

Thanks, everyone! :slight_smile:

Hahah yeah, I commented on that in the thread yesterday too. But of course, I do happen to be Filipino, so… :wink:

Weird, I’m a guy yet I feel tempted to buy this shirt.

but not tempted enough. Hahaha.

I really like the design, great job to the designer, I just kinda wish it could be a little bit more guy-ish. while staying interesting enough to the women that shop here.

Wow. I’m surprised that so many people voted for this shirt. I figured since it wasn’t original artwork that it was going to get pulled.

Im a guy and i would definitely wear this shirt.

In for one

Congratulations Alvin on your 1st place win!

I originally had this design on baby blue before I switched it to black. Man… talk about looking girly on blue! Hehe. Also, unfortunately the crest/cloud behind the fairy used to be a dark shade of faded green (which worked really well with the off red and off blue), but I came to the conclusion that this would be too dark on black and thus unnoticeable (it was Pantone Black 3C, after all) and let the woot artists change it. Cool gray is nice, but it’s now a little more monochrome than I would’ve liked.

Nonetheless, better to see it than have it not there at all! :slight_smile:

(and I must say… i LOVE the description!)

If only it didn’t have the unicorn then I would buy it.

that little boy is like totally tripping…

what was the derby theme? i missed it… your first time on acid?

no thank you.

I think you did a great Job, Alvin.

nice design, but i think its a little girly for me to wear around college…

great design…don’t care how it was concieved …the guy that made the comment about Andy Warhol saying his stuff sucked…I think it was Adder XYU(surprise surprise)… made me laugh to the moon

fairies and unicorns are not my thing
…but dam n…that is one kool shirt

Another great design wasted on a shirt. It’s a t-shirt, I don’t want people staring at me trying to figure out what the hell is on my shirt, “Is that bird exploding?” No thanks.

P.S. Why is did you have to put it on the black shirt? I like black shirts. I want more cool SIMPLE black shirts.

you guys think every shirt on woot is girly. i think this is really creative, im getting one.

Yes… it is nice ARTwork isn’t it?

@ brizz - I do believe you’re right.


and i called it on monday!