What Dreams Are Made Of

the shirts have been mostly girly recently. either swirly thin patterns, or childish cartoony. some more bold solid designs would be nice.

I’m getting this is it’s still in stock in the morning.

I don’t want to go get my card tonight, and I’ve been buying too many shirts off woot.

Congrats Alvin! The design is totally worth the discussion with my wife, and as a first time wooter, I can’t wait to receive it.

This time the insomnia really paid off.

Hi everyone,

So my wife Sharon said I should probably post a close-up of the fairy-cloud for detail purposes. (keep in mind this is the original design. because the green wouldn’t print well, the actual version on shirt features a lighter background behind the fairy than the one seen here):

I came here to say that. But now I really want a shirt with the Falcon behind Bogart, just watching him. If only I had some design skills.

Unicorns, fairies, and a little boy…


in for 1 :D… at worst i can sit around house in it relaxing

I’m sorry to be the one to tell you this, Alvin, but everyone else is just too polite to say anything. Your shirt is very pretty and all but it…smells like burning puppies. Now, I dont know if that was your initial intent, or maybe it was a last minute decision, but it really brings the overall essence down. Great design though, yeah…

grats on the win

Beautiful design. Woke up special to find it. Thanks for posting the details of the fairy.

sheyit, i like it and i’d rock it, in for 1!
pinoy represent!

I mean …what would NPH do?

Love the design Alvin!
In for one. :slight_smile:

You would think so, but it’s all public domain, which means every bit of artwork Alvin didn’t design here was completely legal to be passed off as his own. People want what they want and don’t care about how they get it. People will defend clip art as vehemently as they rail against unique designs because they don’t personally like them. If Tshirt design was about dignity, Todd Goliath would be poor and pissing in a pot. No one cares that it’s clipart. They care that they get to buy it. Not that I understand that… every element of this looks out of place, probably because it was all drawn by different people.

And Luney, I appreciate your calling me out. I was tossing and turning last night, excited as to how you’d end up dragging me into the derby winner thread! But I hate to disillusion you, Andy Warhol is pretty much the epitome of what’s wrong with all forms of art… his work celebrates celebrity over creativity, trades real culture for pop culture, and eschews both timeless and unique concepts for the sake of mundane familiarity. You can see this in any art you like. Shirt design, of course… how many sites and designs build off popular memes, recent movies, cliche slogans? And of course it carries over into real art… there are thousands of artists you’ll never know the names of out there painting generic wall art for doctor’s offices and summer homes. Some of them are named Thomas Kinkade, and even have a following due to their impressive use of the exact same houses with different pastel sunsets. If you look at music, half of what’s on the radio is clones of the familiar, and the other half samples liberally from the hits of yesterday. Movies are all recycled or poorly based on books. Is it popular? God yes! People love the familiar! But it’s no more artistic than a copy of Monroe’s face in gaudy neons.

holeee hell. Is this that kid from AI, asking the bluefairy to make him real, Dr Know?

This is another shirt I would have bought in a scoop neck if it were available. Me no likey the neck huggers.

No offense, but you know why woot shirts are not selling well these days? The shirt designs are just not that good. Don’t get me wrong, this would be a great design for a mug, a poster, or maybe even a tattoo, but not for a shirt. I’m not going to pretend that I could have created something of this quality, but there had better be at least 513 of these shirts sold soon to justify the design being a winner in the first place.

Cool! I’m glad this shirt was the winner. I’ve got a present to buy and this is perfect! You just made a sale, AlvinPing. These may turn out to be really expensive days for me with all of these cool pictures winning.

I didn’t like any of the shirts in the fog this week.

The only one of the bunch I would have considered buying was the Penguin one, beyond that none of them appealed to me. This one in particular was way too abstract for my tastes.

Hopefully next Derby there will be some shirts that I actually want to purchase. However, it is nice to know that I don’t have to rush onto the site this weekend to grab a shirt before it sells out, since there’s none I want.

Hmmm, I really like this one, but, since I barely wear the dozens of t-shirts that I already own, I doubt I’ll order one. I’ll definitely have to think about it. Maybe one for my 7yo dd? She’d like it, and although the WS is long on her, once washed & dried & still too big, she’ll still wear it…decisions, decisions…

Dude, you need to chill out. It’s just a shirt. Just because he didn’t actually “draw” these figures doesn’t mean he didn’t “design” them into a collage for a shirt (and collage is definitely a form of art).

I’m in for one. Great job!