What ever happened to the twitch channel

I remember there was a time where the twitch channel would just be streaming even if there wasn’t an active woot event. I think dave, famously of where are the deals dave, used to host it.

Is it ever coming back?

It looks like all of the videos were removed.


I think it caught covid and died. Woot’s employees are still mostly working from home, I think, so there isn’t anyone in the office/studio to do any streaming. I think they were in the middle of creating a new studio when all of this hit, too. It’s sad.


^^^^ Pretty much what she said.


But . . . but is it ever coming back? And the videos from the past? Have we lost the classic “Rock Crushes Scissors” forever? What even is the internet without those things . . .

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The future is still a mystery to us.

It was a lot of fun and great seeing woot staff during locker events too

rumor has it that @notmatty is cooking up a new stream idea for FB or IG live next month.

so, stay tuned?


I don’t have a Facebook or Instagram account.


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That would be awesome. I hope Ruby makes a guest appearance.

but you have Twitch?

Throwaway accounts.

maybe set up a burner FB account :slight_smile:

Or give me access to yours?

ha mine is also a burner account