What I bought for myself (or anyone else) today.

Because the Christmas/Holiday present thread is kind of dead, I created this new one in its place.

I just bought myself this ring.

very pretty

Not bad for $25 + free shipping.

That is beautiful… that is my birthstone.


Well, happy birthday soon…

Feb 6th. :slight_smile:

I need to find a necklace stand (substantial looking - not plastic) with felt pads on the feet to avoid potential scratches. My jewelry box leaves them tangled and thus I never wear them. Anyone have one that they are happy with or have seen any interesting ones? I need one that will hold quite a bit, not just 3-6.

Have you tried ebay that’s where I found one last month. The older stands tend to look better and have more room for more jewerly.

I found some from China, but shipping is crazy!

I also liked one from Bombay, but apparently they don’t make them anymore?

try this


Not buying it myself but for you football fans that might be considering a SuperBowl party, there’s a

Stadium Bundt Pan

now try to make the cake pictured…

Looks like a plain cake with a few pipes of frosting. That’s not hard… and I hate to cook.

Edit: Although I do like make the Harvey Wallbanger Cake

Wow! That’s something…

Laptop Tray
Definitely not the cheapest in the market but I liked the wrist pad which holds the laptop in place and the mouse pad. It’s very nice.

Again, not the cheapest. Has really nice back & neck support. I don’t like the cheapy ones because there’s no upper back support. This one is very comfortable especially with the arm rests.

Now I’m all set to putter on my computer at night in bed before turning out the light.

I can’t stand sitting up in bed. Have to be in a chair to read or whatever.

I’ve been using my woot wine box for a laptop tray since I got it.
The wood box. The wood box that they had with 3 bottles of monkey wine and a flying monkey during the last woot off. Right after I got 6 bottles. I don’t drink 6 bottles of wine in a year.
I would rather have the wood box and the monkey.

I have a 12 inch laptop, but I bet a 15 inch would fit nice too.

Costco has what looks like a nice bed pillow. It looked like it would actually work.