What I want to buy for myself (or anyone else) today.

oh, one other thing… you should buy some sort of filter to put over the lens… whether a UV filter, polarizing filter, or a wide- or telephoto-conversion lens… that way if it gets scratched, it’s just the filter cover, not the actual lenses which would be far more expensive to repair or replace…

This will most likely be used indoors, what would be the best/cheapest filter? I see a UV one on that site for $10

Doesn’t matter. Get the filter. Go to the beach, drop it in the sand one time with a regular lens…you are foocackied.

Yes, I will tell him to get a filter, I am just trying to figure out which filter I should get.

UV or polarizing…

polarizing seems useless indoors, but then again so does UV…

Doesn’t matter. I have UVs on my 35mms…

I don’t know how gulls crack clam shells, but … (man, ya’ll must have different slang)

cheap filter, no real effect on image, saves $$$$ lenses. good investment.

Where would be the best place to buy it?

places change constantly. I’d just use pricegrabber or some other comparison shopper. UV would be my choice and not polarizer. Polarizers are good if you have lots of reflective surfaces that you don’t want reflecting (water, glass, etc.) They allow you to see the bottom of lakes, through windows, etc. I just go with UV as basic lens protection.

They fly high over something hard and drop them till they break open.

Are you talking some sort of code that went right over my head?

clam or clam shell was one of the numerous slang words for female genitalia when I was a youngster. Cracking one would then be analogous to opening one up… I’ll let you figure out the rest.

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chicken soup

is this a good deal?



Need a USB A to B cable?

Looking for a laptop, a cheap one.