what if win a prize, pay expenses, etc, BUT receive not working,etc?

So like WOW - hey, I or someone WON a prize! What is the recourse if someone wins some THING and has to pay taxes, S/H or some payolla and then gets something that is DOA or damaged, can it be replaced or did a WINNER just get SCREWED by paying for a DUD!

Like here, or in life in general?


Perhaps they got a BOC.

Taxes on a BOC is usually not something to worry much about…

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But the feeling of getting screwed by paying for a dud remains…


Maybe they just won a:


… that doesn’t run…

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BOC are literally paid for disappointment.


If it’s from here taxes would be like $2 max and they’ll send you broken replacements until you beg them to stop.


For the record,



Wellll, it does say in the RULES, ahem, fees, expenses, etc., and that the sponsors, etc., AREN’T responsible, blah,blah,blah.
So of course one presumes that a WINNER is grateful to get something for FREE? Happy? UNLESS the WINNER shells out some mullah, $$$$ or spit? and gets a ZONK… I’M SURE THAT WON’T HAPPEN…right? But… I was just curious, since as stated, I never win anything, so why bother asking. BUT, since I never WIN, I started thinking that if I did, well, something would have to happen to me or the prize, cause otherwise the world will come unbalanced and spin off into the moon or the sun…
Anyways, also curious GEORGE here, what does BOC stand for. I tried google and none of the returns seem to apply as related to this aspect. :8ball:

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Bag of crap

But it comes in a box. Most of the time the box includes a bag.

They come with many names.
Bacon or Chicken
Bowl of Condolences
Baccarat or Cheltenham

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Yeah, you’re opening a hornets nest of legal crap that I’m not going to touch. LOL


Well I have the exact same issues, especially for logging me out every time I play, otherwise I just get hassled about shipping when I have prime!?!?! And I cleared cookies :cookie:??:bowing_woman::woman_shrugging::bowing_woman::broken_heart::monkey::two_hearts:

Amazon owns the prime checkout. And always check for a blue box asking you to verify your address or payment information once in the checkout. Once you verify the charge should go away.

(Please Note: I’m not employed by Woot, but I volunteer to help in the forums.)


When you log in to Amazon, there is a box you MUST check, something about “keep me logged in”. If you don’t do that, yeah, you often will get logged out after any transaction. If you DO check that box, you CAN be logged out, but less likely.
Important too to distinguish between cookies in the app on a PC versus cache in the app on a phone - clearing cache (under settings => apps => storage) on an Android will sometimes fix “stuck”.

I’ve done everything, but all I get is logged out even just by looking at items! Just frustrating!

Woot! Customer Service practices their shtick (and see enough of it they will often “recognize” symptoms quickly). Don’t be put off by their “May we help, serve, or otherwise assist you?” - while respecting your concerns, life is too short to go for very long without a quirky (and possibly banana-scented) twist.

mmm Banana