What is growing in your yard?

One day, maybe Columbus. I hope in a few years. But as a fellow gourmand, as I would not make it as a sous chef. My late Mother called me a “theoretical cook.” My late wife said, “The nut does not fall far from the tree.”

John Cleese is great, but the sacking of randy Mooses, …Meese? Moosi? - gives pause.

Prescribing bachelor Moose (they’re males) spectacles may not reduce the spectacles.

:slight_smile: our fair Capitol.

My condolences on the Ladies Intrepid, Sir. Sounds like you were connected to honest, straight forward women.

I get the theoretical part…in my mind, I am a chef (particularly while grocery shopping). Once home, my ambition withers, much like the bagged parsley and fresh milk.

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Queen, ‘I’m In Love with My Car’

This is the song that came to mind after reading your post.

Somehow, perhaps, loving an inanimate object is easier than loving a møøse - a car comes with warning lights. Møøses (my plural pronunciation of moose, very similar pronunciation to the guy with the stone tablets) particularly the frisky ones are an unpredictable lot. Once they pull a rabbit out of their hat, all bets are off!
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I know it’s been forever ago that you wrote this, but I’m wondering if you ever found a suitable remedy for your poison ivy?

If not, I’d be happy to tell you my weed killing recipe. Household (kitchen) items, no “chemicals”.
If so, congratulations!

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Yes, Please share!
The 30% Vinegar did eventually knock it back a little bit, but it took several treatments, kills everything else in the vicinity including the grass, and still comes back.

OK, well, what I use pretty much kills the grass, too, but if you’re re-e-e-ally careful and try not to get so much on the grass, maybe it will do for you. I always squirt it on the leaves of whatever’s growing and of course, some of it drips onto the grass below, but mostly it stays where I put it.
I use an old dishwashing detergent bottle so I can keep it mixed up for use when I need it and for ease of squirting (near or far) on whatever is growing without permission! LOL!!

Keep your vinegar in use, but add regular old salt. Also add dish detergent. That’s the ingredients - vinegar, salt, and dish detergent. Is that something we all have at home or what??!! Salt & vinegar irritate & kill plants, the dish soap helps keep it in place, also, the leaves can’t breathe (so use good, thick soap, not the cheap, thin stuff).

I wrote down the recipe from an online site, I don’t recall where, so I’m glad I did!
1 teaspoon dish soap
1 Tablespoon vinegar
1 Tablespoon salt.
Put these into a spray bottle, shake, & spray the weeds. You might want to try it on a small spot first to be sure it does the job without damaging around it.
Yeah, this is only a small amount, so I made adjustments in my bottle - more of everything in proportion, and I keep it next to my door. I’ve killed unidentified suspicious weeds, briars, trees (starting) up to 8-10 inches, those “ornamental” bushes that have the leaves that will pierce and cut you if you get near them, and other things. I just try it on stuff. When it works, I go back and really squirt the leaves, not the ground.
I don’t have doggies, but I do have cats. Multiple. Hasn’t bothered any of them, large nor small.

Please let me know your own experience with this! And if any questions, just ask. No problem! I’m a pretty nice person!

Oh, yeah, it’s not immediate, though the plants look sickly within a day and a half here and you can tell it’s working. Dead within a few.

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If overspray (or over squirt) are still causing issues, cut the rop and bottom off a 2 liter bottle, place your target through the tube, and spray/squirt.

Woody stemmed plants, like poison ivy, required a cut to suck the death mix in. They have roots below ground that do not die by topical application.

Not helpful if you are allergic, I know. :neutral_face: