What Is Irony?


Coincidence is when someone misuses “irony” on a shirt intended to correct someone else’s misuse of “your”.

And some people won’t get the irony.

I just misuse everything.

Irony? That’s when you take the wrinkles out, right?

I have serious doubts that this was the intention.

Glad I’m not the only one to notice this.

Irony is how you describe something that is attracted by a magnet.



Their are so many better shirt designs out they’re.
God, it kills me to right that.

I cannot in good faith assert that every instance of “your” in lieu of “you’re” is out of grammatical ignorance or “confused words.” Mistyping (coupled with reliance on autocorrect to add the ’ ) is a possibility as with “to” and “too”.

It’s like chastising someone for walking into a glass door.

Thank you for pointing that out. Nails on the chalkboard…

I don’t think coincidence is the right word here.

In any case, the expected “event” that would happen after someone being an idiot is someone saying “you’re an idiot”, but the in-congruence is someone typing “your” instead, so technically it meets the definition of irony.

Irony- Your an idiot. Because the person claiming you’re an idiot is making a grammatical mistake. Meaning they are an idiot.

Double Irony: Pointing out the Irony in the misuse of the word you’re when someone types “Your an idiot.” By misusing the word “writes” but clearly meaning the word “types”

Auto Correcting I D I O T with the name RAY RICE to mess with all those dumb enough to participate.

Isn’t this more hypocrisy than irony, since they’re accusing someone of having the very quality that they are exhibiting? Or is this shirt so meta that it contains multiple levels of irony that I’m failing to detect?

I thought about the fun there is at times to be in the grammar police force, but I can discern now that I’m only a rookie after reading the above comments.

Oh I get it.

It’s supposed to be: “Your an, idiot”