What is the best Easter candy?

What is the best Easter candy?

Cadbury Royal Dark Mini Eggs.

Classic Peep.


The thread needs to be resurrected.

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Hands down the Zachary Chocolate Covered Marshmallow Eggs! Cheap and delicious!

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Starburst jelly beans

Anything from Reese


Which are the same as the Reese’s Christmas trees, which are the same as the Reese’s halloween pumpkins…

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Malted milk eggs, aka Robin eggs.products-MaltedMilkEggs_Detailed

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Oh, yeah! The ones that turn your tongue white!

the mini ones are best. IMO, anyhow.

like the Palmer peanut butter cups. i actually like that super smooth pb better than reeses. shhhhh dont tell. people will laugh.

" According to a survey by the National Confectioners Association, only 3 percent of people said that licorice was a favorite candy when they were a child. It always makes the lists of most-hated Halloween treats: On a FiveThirtyEight ranking of 86 candies, Good & Plenty — those pink-and-white licorice pills — come in dead last. Chiclets, the world’s worst gum, ranked three spots higher."

Good & Plenty are best after the sugar coating has been crunched away.

Butterfinger is my favorite candy, but the survey was for Easter Candy (I don’t care for Butterfinger eggs…wrong ratio of chocolate to pb & crunch).

Also love Cinnamon Bears.

I don’t mind licorice in general, It’s not my favorite, but I don’t despise it…
Love virtually anything peanut butter and chocolate as well and cadbury creme eggs.

I like good and plenty, I find that anything licorice numbs my mouth after a while.

I love anything cinnamon. Atomic fireballs get a bit much after a bit.

I think I like all candy… not horehounds…

Anything watermelon flavored never tastes like watermelon. But the Snozzberries taste like Snozzberries.

And since I dislike pineapple, I’ll pass on anything that is supposed to taste like it.

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Those little malt eggs… I could eat my weight in those as a kid.

EDIT: Whopper’s Robin Eggs!


I love :two_hearts: Jelly Belly’s and mixing the flavors! Yummy :yum: there the best​:ok_hand::monkey::candy: