What is the most dangerous yard game or toy?

What is the most dangerous yard game or toy?

My friend and I used to shoot each other with BB guns without any eye protection. Once, it was dark and I saw a red light which I assumed was his laser. So I shot at it. I put a hole in his mom’s windshield.

As kids back in the 60’s we would run around shooting at each other using Wrist Rocket slingshots loaded with un-ripe China Berries. Fortunately we weren’t very good shots…

painball instead of paintball :wink:

Lawn darts and lobotomies?

Bottle rocket wars

Jarts®. The REAL lawn darts, the ones with metal tips. The ones you can’t legally sell unless you phrase it “Collector’s item for collectors only not for play” or something similarly stukid.

Mums wouldn’t let me anywhere near when my brothers played. And we all had to wear shoes–no bare feet when the Jarts were flying!