What is the weekly drop schedule

I always show up at the wrong time or too late, is it wednesday and saturday at 10 central or is that off? Or is it just random

What drop schedule? If you mean for when the new deals show up, basically it’s every day that ends in Y at Midnight Central time. But they pop up some new deals at other times too just to keep us guessing.

Usually there are weekly deals/sales events that pop up Saturday (the clearance email that comes) and Wednesday, but today its not here so i’m wondering if i made it all up in my head

Oh, yeah, I don’t get the email. Those things that last for a week (or more) I haven’t been tracking. They came out with a 35% off T-shirt thing last night.

Wednesdays are usually at noon.

Saturday open box stuff is added about 10am, I think.

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What is today?

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Friday (I wish).

Also all times are CT.

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@zachrusswoot the more important drop is scheduled to occur on October 14

Season 7? Shit. I’m 6 seasons behind already.

It’s well worth the investment