What is with this?


What is with the whole “first page” thing people keep blurting, spamming and ruining the forum with?


it’s just a buncha lamerz who’ve got nothing better to do at 1 am. i think a program was instituted to reduce the spam, but i stopped reading the product forums unless i’m considering the woot for the night…


Heh, sad sad people…


tell me about it.
I get to go on there and read every single lame post and mod them
Along with others.

Poor people need to get a life.
OOOH!! maybe Woot could sell that!!
A “Life” for those who don’t have one…


I like the first page spam… Woot ought to keep track of who gets the first post and on the first page. Rather than squelch it, embrace it.


…and automatically suspend them for 72 hours. Yeah, that would be cool.