What is your dream ?

Dream may be a nightmare , a sweet dream or a a good blueprint of your future .

I have a nightmare about colleage entrance examination now and again,after I wake up , I get nervous , because that exam broken my childhood blueprint of my future, the nightmare may follow up my whole life .I am a small person with big dreams , that is the conflit of it .I really hate it.

so , what is your dreams ? how do you fight for it ? what if you failed?

Did the exam break your childhood blueprint for the future in real life or just in your dream?

My dream is that my family will stop treating me like dirt. That they will realize that my life revolves around them. I don’t do anything for myself until I know what they need first and then I don’t have time left for myself. I don’t want thank yous from them I just want them to stop picking at me every day! I suppose my dream was a somewhat perfect family.

Yes, it impacts my salary ,my opportunity to some extent ,if it doesn’t,I may forget already.

Sweety,poor you , why family do that to you ?they are your parents or your siblings?

Husband and adult children. I don’t know why they do it. It wasn’t always like this.

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agingdragqueen, Is that a sloth? It’s so sweet looking. Are you really an aging drag queen? I’ve known several in my life.