What is your favorite all-time B.O.C. contest/method of distribution?

While looking for past posts on my crappiest item, I came upon the post where everybody who wanted a BOC received a set of woot-off lights and a number. The “winners” were the entries whose number matched the last digit of the Dow Jones that day…

What other “contests” do you remember?

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I think the number they received was an order number, and there was some criteria that had to do with matching the last number in your order with some other number, like a closing stock value. Anyways, doing that is super illegal, and wouldn’t fly today with all the amazon lawyers around. Not allowed to do a contest that requires a purchase for a chance to win.

There have been tons of fun ones though, like the crossword puzzles, and some pretty big failures too, but I won’t mention them specifically.

I actually miss the days where there was only one BOC, randomly over a 2-3 day woot-off, and it was pretty damn impossible to get. Good times.


I’m glad Woot-Offs are shorter now, personally, and that the crap is spread out over the course of the day. The servers crashing so much couldn’t have been fun for the IT team.

As for BOC stuff, I miss the live events like the Crapsmaster stuff and the murder mystery. Oh, and the bunker event. Those were a lot of fun.

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An athletic supplement website does a giveaway where 10 random $75 orders win a gift card and a cup. The 11th prize is allotted to mail in entries. McDonalds also allows mailing in for “game pieces”.

You’re right. I should have stated that you’re not allowed to do a contest that requires a purchase for a chance to win without having a no purchase necessary option.

I really like when Woot offers them up for sale and I buy one. Then we exchange money for goods without ever making eye contact.


Lawyers. Augggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I’m melting…


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I enjoy the Prime shipping as far as distribution.

Wait, what was the question?

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