What Kitty?



humorous, but i find the girl disturbing. not into skulls either.


http://www.shirtsonsale.info-a.googlepages.com/missedsale_sadrat.gif*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race

Missed bagging the cat last night? Next Day Sales here starting tomorrow!


same. Reminds me of series of that girl in the Adams Family… except. weird looking.


hmm i like it, but being a guy, can i pull off wearing it?


I know someone who would wear this. She’s like a grown-up, goth version of Elmyra.


Haaaa! I love this shirt, it’s sick and funny and great! Good going, Woot, and congratulations to the artist.


This is great.

The girl reminds me of a muppet off of Sesame Street. Except she was pink and a cow-girl.


what is up with the damn unc colored shirts lately?


Hmmmm, I like his bird shirt, very cool!


why is she topless? there should be a pedobear in the background


Well I like it :slight_smile: I only wish the cat tail was a brighter color to make it stand out more, but this one cracks me up. Also the write-up: “wear this if you’re sent to bed without supper and you plan on doing a lot of stomping.” heh


L O L This is a funny design Shawn! Not quite what I expected after seeing your blackbird shirt but everyone is allowed to have different styles. Nice job.


It’s cute…but it’s a little hard to see the cat tail. Almost gets lost in the braids of her hair. Without the title…I may have missed that element of the design at first. Others might too when they see the image from a distance.

But, nice to see a lil’ girl monster. Cute drawing and congrats on the DBH printing as well!


ha ha kind of funny but not my style


I hear they taste like chinese food.

That is a disturbing shirt. But maybe not disturbing enough for me. Gotta think about it.

I must say tho, that I went to the Coachella festival in the Mojave desert over the weekend, and my “Say No To Scurvy” shirt was the hit of the party - it got a lot of laughs and comments.


She’s not topless. She’s a little monster child (notice the teeth?) and she’s odd-shaped with a huge under-jaw. Probably doesn’t have much of an upper body from the looks of it, so it’s not a matter of “topless”. She’s ugly/adorable!


Does anyone else think the girl kinda looks like the tazmanian devil?


PS Notice where the first shirts were bought…not surprising


Her toys looked like splayed out legs on my first impression. Gave it the look of a defeated plead for mercy.

Liked it better that way.