What Rhymes With Robot

Snow-bot very timely; Row-bot makes me laugh.

Everything rhymes with robot, or at least all the important words do.

I’ll wait for the updated version with Ho-bot, Poe-bot, and Yo!-bot.

When you run RobotsAndComputers.com EVERYTHING rhymes with ROBOT - or it had better anyway! lol :slight_smile:

If only I didn’t already have too many shirts and also too many grey/silver shirts.

Missed opportunity:

So… hard… to resist… robots…

Totally gonna sew my own bot in the lower corner as fig10 :3

[afterthought] Did Slow-Bot not make it in time for this or…

I suggested Slow-bot, but it didn’t get there on time.


Oh, so we’re coming up with types of bots? And here, I was gonna say “kumquat.” Well, what about Sew-Bot?

I was looking for an Autobot.

No bro bot?
Rob Lowe bot?

I think the middle square should have been Wiley-bot.

Grats on the print Blair- Fun shirt! BUT…

Yeah, was really hoping for Lobot.

What about GoBots?

I wouldn’t mind having a Grow-bot to clean the house (can easily grow to get all the dust off ceiling fans, as well as clean second-story windows on the outside).

But then, a MOW-bot would be awesome to have on hand during the summer.

And if you can’t afford tickets to the local theater, a Show-bot would be nice…but I’m not sure how long I could put up with a bot singing show-tunes.

:smiley: I love it when a design makes people’s brains keep going…


I’m lost on the Mobot. Am I wrong to think “Three Stooges”? But Moe was clean shaven. I think I have the wrong Moe in mind. Can someone enlighten me?