What’s Black and White and Red All Over?

Thats sexy

Oh, wow. This takes me back to first grade.

LOL I keep seeing a little face in the black part of the snout… can’t unsee. Still this is cute. That zebra should have put on some lotion. Tsk.

Got the zebra and the newspaper, where’s the penguin?

Congrats, BootsBoots! I love that it’s 2 jokes in one. :slight_smile:

You know the burn’s going to be bad when even the CHAIR has turned red o_O

Poor zebra. It’s always sunny on the savanna, so there’s no respite.

Clearly the zebra is basking in the glow of post-apocalypse nuclear fallout.

Excellent use of halftone shading on this one. Quality design really seals the joke in this case. (It’s usually the other way around.) Congrats, Boots^2!

If you’re not a little pink already this is just an invitation for people to slap you. Congratulations on the print Boots, and for adding another animal to the cute hitlist.

So much for zebras not getting ulcers.

So is this Zebra black with white stripes or white with black stripes? Neither, it’s bronze baby.

When you slice up a zebra do you get alternating pieces of white and dark meat?

This is all I can see now. MONSTER.

Great shirt!

The write up killed me! “OH SWEET ZEBRA H. STRIPES…” awesome.

It’s 'shopped. The zebra looks wayyyy too content for someone with a sunburn. :wink:

Why on Earth did you have to swear in the write up? tsk tsk

It looks like a frog’s face! or perhaps a toad’s? I still can’t tell the difference between those two.

The grass is red…