What’s the best use for old tires?

Flower Planter. Looks snazzy.

Not that you’re wrong but some HOA’s frown upon that sort of thing. I remember moving to an area where metal roofs weren’t yet a thing but had no idea why tires on a roof were in violation of the “covenant.” Then I saw single wides and experienced the spring and fall winds. It took a while of me being stupid fixing shingles that rip off when cold and I finally got a metal roof; it rocks. Not going to be putting tires up there, but I understand now.

Crushing them up for playgrounds instead of using pebbles (like my elementary school did) or wood chips!

Turn them into a trademarked character.

They can be shredded up and recycled and used for fuel which will burn turbines to generate electricity

https://images.app.goo.gl/uxBFH5AcSrw8YJu38 dirt tire home