What’s up with the Digital Crap Rewards?

What’s up with the Digital Crap Rewards? Yesterday I won the ability to pay $7.77 for a pencil box worth $.99 on Amazon. Today I want the option to pay for a cheap plastic toy probably worth no more than $2.99 for $20.99. I know there’s a bunch of junk on there and I usually think it’s funny and I buy it as a random goofy gifts for people. But the outrageous price on these blows my mind.


I guess you’ve got to pay for the next Woot rocket!

Price to ride the Amazon rocket is expensive so price of riding the Woot rocket will be out of this world!

You think that’s bad, you should buy some Woot borax some time!


I agree completely. After beating the required score on today’s game the special low price I “unlocked” for a Seagrass Belly Basket was $13.19 when the regular price for the exact same item on Amazon is $12.99.

Where are the deals

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Check out wherearethedealsdave.com


Yep, we messed up.


Small Print: If you already purchased, that money will hop back into your pockets soonish.


The price going to checkout is now $11.99…
Seems “equitable” (for some values of our “garage sale” roots). It does feel like somebody has “adjusted” The New Deal pricing based on the supposed change in our disposable income, after saving so much with not traveling, not eating out.

I guess we’ll see.