what should i be for Halloween???...


I posed this question on a woot board a while back and got no reponses… which makes sense… cuz it didn’t have anything to do wtih the woot… my bad… my bad… so… here’s the question… i’m looking at this page…Shopzilla’s ‘sexy adult’ costumes… which isn’t actually provertedly ‘sexy’ or hyper-‘adult’… so viewing at work is fine… promise…

… i’m leaning toward the kandy korn witch, the ‘sexy’ nfl ref, and the catwoman… any opinions/ideas?.. what are you all being for Halloween?


Need to know more about your personality before making any recommendations. The fact that you’re asking nerdy insomniac wooters tells me a little. You should make your own costume…perhaps a sexy bag of ****crap?


Like qwerty said, we need more information.
Lots of information!

For some reason, the only people up this late back in EBW are old folks. We don’t do halloween anymore. All the young guys are sleeping!


I’m going to be either a pirate fighting a ninja, or a robot fighting a monkey.

Maybe you should be a less well known superhero lady if you’re going in that direction. It’ll be a conversation starter.


qwerty, you are so cool.


My favorite costume that I saw in my younger Halloween party days was and shall probably always be the… pregnant nun


I always make my costumes and they’re usually from a movie or are pretty obtuse. I’m going to suggest 80’s cartoon characters for you, like Rainbow Brite, Strawberry Shortcake or even She-Ra. You can make those as whorish as you want while remaining colorful and interesting… The catwoman, sexy witch, slutty nurse… it’s all pretty played out.


PM me a pic; I’ll pick your costume for you


Stay Puft Marshmallow Man?


What a generous fellow you are!!


Isn’t he a sweetheart? Willing to bend over backwards for his fellow…well, probably not for a fellow.




the two costumes I won prizes for were:

  1. black unitard (show off thoses breasts!!), hot glue toy people and animals, bits of straw to it. When anyone asks what you are, spin around and reply “A Tornado”. Also, this is great for a few sucking jokes.

  2. blue unitard (again with the breasts), take some cotton balls and stretch them out until they’re nice and fluffy then hot glue them on. Carry a small water gun. You are “Partly Cloudy with a Chance of Showers”. Lots of “getting me/you wet” jokes here.


Two things:

  1. This post is useless without pics
  2. I love you. Twice. :slight_smile:


I could find her for you but it ain’t my place to share other people’s pics. :zipit:

  1. I’d post them, but mostly they show me in flagrante delecto
  2. Multiple lovings are my favorite :slight_smile:

See Woot? I’m creative dammit! I could win one of these stupid contests if they all didn’t hinge upon photoshopping skills. How about a verbal contest? How about who can say Woot.com the sexiest? Bet your ass I’d win that!


I’m waaaay to easy to find on the net. Shockingly easy…but not these pics :wink:

  1. That works for me.
  2. I know :wink:

  1. LOL
  2. From personal experience?

  1. PM
  2. Not yet :wink: