What should I do about this? FEDEX!!!



Recently I bought my very first woot, a dreaded roomba at that. Sadly though I was out of town for the holidays…Dec 25 -30…and I left knowing that i would more than likely miss a delivery attempt and figure I would come back to a sticker on my door saying we tried come to fedex to pick up your packages…like has happened before with other stuff.

However I got back and nothing was a miss, not even a sticker so I tought nothing about it and enjoyed the new years celebration…Well little did I know that apparently fedex just dropped off my WOOT on the 29th…supposedly on my front door, so I asked neightboors and either they too were out of town or had no recollection of seeing a package. Now this is in SouthSide Chicago…sooo I fear the worst.

Just wondering if there is a simple way to deal with this or if I have to go through a hassle with FEDEX? I’ll be contacting them first thing tomorrow, and have already filed their online Claim. Just wondering if this is common or if someone has gone through this before that could give me advice.



I will tell our friendly mod to come here and try to help


I wish I could help, but I think this has to go through FedEx. I hope they do the right thing for you, galvmar.


tall - you’re so smart


Thanks for the help and quick reply. I contacted Fedex already and the claim would have to go through Woot…partially atleast. So I’ve emailed woot directly. Apparently Woot can file the claim with FEDEX or give me permission to file the claim myself.

So it seems that eventually this will be worked out in my favor, though I’m still hopefull that the FEDEX guy just left it on the truck and mislabled the exception and Fedex is able to magically find the package…(I really wanted that roomba)…


good luck