What should I do if I have been scamed by Woot?

I bought 12/20/2009 listing (Acer Aspire One) with 6 Cell (6 hour) battery. Woot shipped me a 3 Cel (3 hour) batttery. This is my first purchase from Woot and I am both dissapointed and angry about the whole experience.

Should I do a chargeback on my credit card charge? Should I file a small claims against them? I don’t know how they can simly lie like that.

I am also shocked that I am the only one who is complaining about this as I am sure many others, if not everyone got the inferior battery than specified on the posting.

Have you tried emailing service@woot.com? While they don’t care about buyer’s remorse in general, they would care about you receiving a product that was not as advertised. (I’m guessing here)

I looked, and it did list a 6 cell battery, not 3 cell.

I agree with kdc. Try service@woot.com or the form on the write us page. Make sure you use the email address your registered with if you can and your Order #. I’m really sorry you had a bad first woot experience, but I doubt the monkeys in the warehouse deliberately tried to scam you.

I know they typically require you to pay return shipping for a broken item, but I don’t know what will happen in this case and since my only affiliation with woot is that I spend too much money here on stuff that has been what I expected and worked on arrival I’m no expert on their “oops department”.

You should get an automated reply from the wootbot when you send your email, if you don’t get that check your spam filters. I imagine a real human will email you on Monday.

If you really think this was a common problem the product thread for the item would have lots of complaints and a statement from woot staff as to what is happening. I didn’t go look it up, but while you are waiting you could check there for more information.