What Software Should You Use To Create Shirt Designs?

Inkscape worked better for me than GIMP but I had too many problems w/ exporting. So now when I fool around with something for Derby fun, I’m back to using a Toon Boom’s FlipBoom All Star workaround. Or just doodling on a piece of paper for my own amusement.

High five for Inkscape.

Travis, you overlooked Google images and copy/paste as common means of creating designs.

That Illustrator master, Yukio Miyamoto, is friggin’ insane. That site says he’s got a How-To book published in Japan, but I’m pretty sure it’s just a picture of a big fist that you can repeatedly pound into your head until you forget you ever wanted to try to learn Illustrator.

HAHAHAHAHA, sounds like learning just about any program. Fist in the face, HYYAAAAA!!!

If you think Illustrator is bad, try Flash. I’ve been learning that for the last few weeks and it makes me want to CRIME. I’m a vector hound and I still hate it with the fury of a thousand suns…

You missed paint.net (http://www.getpaint.net/). It’s like GIMP (free), but has a more user friendly interface. Supports layers and some of that other stuff you know and love from Photoshop.

Does anyone know a free graphics program that takes advantage of wacom tablets? Neither GIMP nor Paint.net seem to know that I’m using a tablet PC with a Wacom active digitizer, and thus the on-screen drawing sucks through these programs.

Oof. Any time I can avoid working in Flash, I do. Animated GIF in Photoshop instead? Don’t mind if I do!

That program eats.

I prefer AfterEffects to Flash, but I pretty much have to become a Flash master if I’m going to stay in game development. :[ Everyone wants Flash people.

(If anyone is interested, here’s the ridiculous result of a few Flash tutorials :3)

Ha, that bouncin’ fat kitty is awesome bass!

I use both Photoshop and Illustrator. I’ve been using Photoshop more though, because I think line work has a more flowing organic and sketchy quality as opposed to Illustrator’s clean and precise look.

I’ve heard good things about Manga Studio but have yet to try it.

Thank you! And big thanks for the templates. :slight_smile:

I’ve always wanted to know what you use, Lucky! Your lines are so awesome and they have such a unique feel. I’m always trying to get my designs to have the same ‘bold’ line feel but I always fail and land back in skimpy line land.

I have a trial of Manga Studio that I’d like to check out sometime. Anything that makes inking easier or more pleasant is something I’m willing to look into.

I used to use a program called Creature House Expression on my old Win XP system. It was a vector program that had a more organic feel. I adored it, but then Microsoft bought it and did weird stuff with it. I still have the CH version but not sure if it’ll work with Win 7 :{.

As for more organic looking lines, Illustrator CS5 now has the ability to pick different shaped lines as well as grab the edges of lines and selectively widen or narrow the lines anywhere.

That is awesoooome. Paint Tool SAI also lets you do that. I hope to upgrade my Adobe suite later on. :slight_smile:

i use both photoshop and illustrator, i won them both years ago when an animation i worked on was a finalist in one of adobe’s animation competitions…i am in huge need of upgrading, sounds like they both can do so much more now. i taught myself both and know just enough to get by i guess, i think i’ve actually used it more and learned more since entering these derbies than i ever needed it in college. i wish this place existed back then, it would have improved me greatly, although where i would have found the time to submit each week baffles me.

as for flash, its a *&^%# to work in, but its fast and cheap, which is why its so popular. if you know how to work it though, you can get some awesome stuff out of it =)

I managed to get GIMP to recognize my tablet at one point (Graphire 3.0 or 4.0), but sadly I don’t remember what I did! It was not as intuitive and easy as Photoshop, but don’t give up hope! I would suggest trawling the GIMP forums/help page, or google something similar to “GIMP wacom tablet”

I haven’t tried to get my tablet recognized by Paint.NET yet. However, I will give it a shout-out because it’s quite a nice little program. It isn’t as powerful as GIMP/Photoshop, but what it does do is very easy to figure out, and I know their website has a bunch of plugins that can extend functionality if you’re willing to do some research and experimenting. The Paint.NET forum has a sticky post with them all listed even

Oh, didn’t realize you’re on a tablet PC. I seem to recall hearing that drawing on a tablet PC will never compare to a separate tablet, so you may never be able to get as high quality as you might otherwise with a separate wacom piece of hardware. But… I may be remembering incorrectly.

Anyone know of a good free alternate to Adobe Flash? I have tried a couple of freebies and they were not good at all.

As for the thread topic, I am into CorelDraw and photoshop.

Oddly, Powerbullet Presenter is pretty usable. If you go to their page, you find that they’ve quit developing it, and instead of paying more for a full version, they give a code that unlocks its full features. pretty cool of the developers. not that it’s the easiest, but it does have some of the features of Flash, including allowing you to create swf files for cough, cough, ***less, like this failed submission.

I use a bunch of programs for different reasons- I do a bunch of vector work so I mainly use CorelDRAW X3, Illustrator CS3.3, Xara X, Flash CS3.3-- for raster work or effects: Photoshop CS3.3, CorelPAINT X3, Painter, Xara X… Once you figure out what the capabilities and limitations of each program, it’s fun to figure out ways to use multiple programs to create stuff nobody else could reproduce…

not to get way off topic, but I LOVE Flash- once you figure out how it handles layers and objects, you can create some really cool vector stuff- or import Illustrator and Photoshop files with layers INTACT and editable… The only reason Flash gets a bad rap is that people don’t know how to use it correctly. I have found no other program that can do everything that it is capable of doing.

CorelDRAW and Illustrator are similar and do many of the same tasks, they just do a few of them really different.