What the Hey, Can't ship a backpack to NY???

So trying to buy the backpack from SOG in your camping gear section and it won’t let me purchase it cause it says it won’t ship a backpack to NY. Yet I can go on Amazon and get the same exact bag and it has no problem shipping it to NY. I’d rather not pay 20 bucks more for it on Amazon, but this has to be a mistake right? Please help before it is gone. Its the Dark Clay one.

Probably because it says " Knives" in the description.

@lioncow Is there a way to check the list on this one?

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Wow really lmao

You could carry a lot of knives in that bag.


NY is probably afraid it’s plastic. The horror.

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From a programming standpoint I can see the system having a check for “knife” or “knives” in some tag or product name and shipping to New York.

If the OG amazon data was correct, before woot pulled it, my guess this wouldn’t have been a problem.

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Hi @Wooter14620431! You should be able to buy now. So sorry about that. As Wooters guessed above, our automated system flagged the knives part of the description. This should now be fixed.


You guys are the best!!! Thank you so much

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So true lmao

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??? I dont get it… Bah! Wooterlotsof#s clearly got it & yet I got nothing. I get the initial problem & resolution, but why would NY be afraid of plastic from a backpack? Help!

Hi there. Woot gets this list of things that can’t ship to various states. For some reason, this is on the list to your state. Sorry.

(Please Note: I’m not employed by Woot, but I volunteer to help in the forums.)

NY doesn’t allow people to buy knives online? WTH?