What the Woot!

So, I haven’t been a Woot! Member for a long time so I like to know if I am just having bad luck or are too much Shenanigans going on at Woot! I have placed several orders and I have had a high number of items I have had to return or request a partial refund. The reasons have included wrong items sent and recertified items that just dont work, which is usually a battery issue. Is my experience a common experience on Woot!
I am get tired of trips to UPS and FedEx to return items and disappointed I couldn’t get the item I wanted as advertise. Please share your experiences.

hm. not sure. sounds like you’re getting in on electronics refurbs, which i am always suspicious of no matter who is selling them.

my woots usually include shirtwoot, and have never gotten an incorrect order (they’re printed on demand, not pulled from warehouse, afaik)

other woots include boring stuff like aluminum foil, a ninja blender (refurbed, but it seems fine the small amount i use it, which was why i went with cheaper/refurbed to begin with), light bulbs (not impressed with the brand but not woot’s fault) and other misc “handy” stuff. none of which was delivered wrong or necessitated return.

Hi there. Sorry for the problems you’ve had with your orders. Obviously, we hate ever issue with orders and our CS will work with you to make things right.

It is important to reach out to CS because we do record and track issues for products, vendors, etc.

Thanks I have been working with CS and they have been great…its just that I have had to so it often I feel like I might have to invite them to dinner soon. As much as I love the folks in CS , I’d really rather spend my time doing something else than talking to CS all the time. Sorry CS I know that probably hurts.