What time does Woot go off of?


I am new to WOOT does the product change at Midnight EST time or Pacif time?


midnight Central


Okay, the question was answered . . . I declare this thread available for hijacking . . .


I would love to say “When they play the National Anthem”, but sadly, few would know what the hell I was talking about.

Curse you, Ted Turner.


I know what you’re talking about. I used to love, as a kid, staying up late on weekends, big 32 oz. (glass) bottle of Coke and stove popped pop-corn as my provisions. Always got upset when they turned the station off.


turning the station off is blasphemy… that would feel so weird to do, too, i’d think… at least nowadays…


Remember the picture on the TV when the station went off? 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and then the (I can’t remember what they called it).


And the old black and white set’s picture reduced to that little white dot that slowly faded…and…gone. Then nothing to look forward to until the stinkin’ farm report at 5:00 the next morning.


Yeah, I was in labor with my oldest. Not enough to head for the hospital, but too much to sleep. The farm report. Better than nothing at that point.


I seem to remember a class saying they’d turn the cameras on a test pattern or something… it was a good time to make sure equipment was working properly… maybe it was a spinning globe or a clock… i’ll ask that teacher tomorrow night… if i remember…


Maybe because I live in NYC, but I don’t remember the stations going off. They liked old movies all night. No farm reports here. 7 stations, after pbs started. I had a TV in my room in 65, bought it with my Confirmation money. Then again parents would kill me if I had the TV on late.
Loved watching Fred and Ginger late at night when I was in college, on the little black and white in my room!


i thought you lived more in new england… i was surprised at the quality of news in NYC, or rather the lack thereof… more style over substance, especially Fox 5… they are the modern incarnation of the old New York World and other such similar papers… i’ve decided our #1 station down here must be not only best in our market, but one of the best in the country…


Good God, man! You almost make it sound like a course in ancient culture!

Actually, I recall one particular test pattern which included the profile of an American Indian wearing a war bonnet. As a small child you wonder what the connection was…no more programs, high pitch beep, pissed off looking native American…?


and yeah, we did cover ancient cultures in that course!


I have a tupperware container in my fridge with an ancient culture in it . . .

. . . it snarls when we open the door . . . must not like the light . . . .






yepper, that was the test pattern I remember too…
weird, eh?
Maybe one of us should go look for it…
OK, not me.


Is this the one…?




Not exactly the way I remember it, but it could be.
A lot of those brain cells are dead now.


Reminds me of an old Cheech and Chong schtick:

Cheech: What are you watching, man?
Chong: Dunno…some movie about indians man, but it’s really boring.